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If you're looking for the most comprehensive boundary surveying services for both commercial and residential properties, look no further than Rodgers Land Surveying.

Boundary surveying :

GPS control surveys:

  • A survey of the boundary of the property will be performed, according to recorded deeds, and plats.

  • A survey includes physical monumentation and evidence.

  • Interior improvements, such as buildings, drives, etc. are NOT located, unless requested.

  • Any improvements along the boundary affecting the use of or title to the property are located.

  • Property corners are established and any missing corner markers replaced.

  • A map (Plat of Survey) that depicts all of the boundaries and improvements is provided with all surveys.

  • GPS (Geographic Positioning System) surveys are used to establish your property with the State Plane Coordinate Systems.


  • Our GPS surveys use portable receivers to gather data transmitted from satellites that are used to calculate the position of the object being located on the surface of the earth.


  • Distance doesn't matter; the data obtained from the survey is extremely accurate even if the receivers are miles apart.


  • GPS surveys are used to establish coordinate control points for large boundary surveys and subdivision surveys, as well as collect essential data such as the locations of streets, home businesses, utilities, etc.  This data can be used for future planning, development and preservation of your property location.


  • It can, also, be used to collect data for Geographic Information Systems/Land Information Systems (GIS/LIS), such as the location of streets, homes businesses, electric, phone, gas utilities, water and sewer systems, property lines, soil and vegetation types, water courses, etc.. Data that can be used in future planning, preservation and development.


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Boundary Surveys - include both residential and commercial