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Rodgers Land Surveying maintains a reputation as an accomplished land surveyor in Mississippi utilizing the latest in technology and in accordance with the most current standards of practice.

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What is a property survey?      

  • A property survey describes, maps and locates land ownership boundaries and corners, features and improvements.


Why should a property survey be made?

  • Land and its improvements are major financial investments; therefore, all land ownership boundaries should be located, monumented and mapped by a property survey and filed in public records.


When should property be surveyed?

  • When property is divided into parcels for sale or development.                              

  • When property is to be sold, purchased or mortgaged.                              

  • When property improvements are planned or to be developed.                              

  • When government regulations require a survey and map of your property.  

  • When the location of property boundaries or corners are uncertain.

  • When property trespass or encroachment is evidenced or suspected.                      


What will the surveyor do for me?

  • The legal description of your property and related records will be evaluated and a survey made to locate, measure and monument the property boundaries and corners so they can be easily identified.                              

  • A record of survey measurements notes and computations will be made, a survey plat or map prepared for public records, and copies provided as may be required.                              

  • The property survey will be completed in compliance with applicable state, county  and local government laws, codes and regulations.                              

  • You will be informed of the discovery of any property description, boundary location, trespass, encroachment or other related problems that you should be aware of.                              

  • Upon completion of the property survey, it is recommended that the boundary corner monuments be protected and preserved by the property owner.


What information will the surveyor need for a property survey?

  • A copy of property deeds, abstract of title or title insurance commitment and maps and other available information relating to the property.                              

  • If necessary, meet the Land Surveyor at the survey site for inspection or consultation.                              

  • Consult with the Land Surveyor at the earliest opportunity; in some cases a survey may require several weeks to complete.                                                            

  • A survey is a good investment.                              

  • Professional land surveying and mapping services will involve less time, concern and expenses than moving a building or other improvements, revising your land development plans or defending a land boundary dispute in a court of law.

  • To prevent or deter such litigation, undue costs and inconvenience, retain the services of a Professional Land Surveyor prior to any land investments and property developments.            


Please remember that your property corners are, also, your neighbors property corners, so please do not disturb these corners. Destroyed corner monuments can incur additional expense to the land owner when they have to be re-established and replaced.  

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